Logistic software that makes a difference

You are an ambitious logistic service supplier. You are aware of the fact that good software is indispensable for your business processes. Total and actual insight in your data. Software and processes are totally in sync. Your system linked via EDI to all the other parts in the logistic chain, matched to each other perfectly. Sounds good to you?

Then we are happy to introduce Mitoz to you: the flexible system for the logistic sector. We can help you with the automation of all steps in the logistic process, tailor-made for your company.

We will design Mitoz matching your companies’ specifications. In contrary to other software developers we do not use your existing software as a starting point but we specifically start from your requirements. You will always be in control during the process of development and we will not stop before Mitoz makes that difference that you were looking for. In this way we assure that the software will seamlessly fit your company and will actually contribute to growth and profitability.

we make a difference
we make a difference
makes the difference

WAAROMmaken wij met Mitoz hét verschil


maken wij met Mitoz hét verschil


maken wij met Mitoz hét verschil

Hoe onze maatwerkformule zich onderscheidt van anderen! 

I-TeQ levert slimme, schaalbare softwaresystemen voor de logistieke en de verhuur branche. En omdat uw unieke organisatie maatwerk is, vereist uw automatiseringsvraagstuk dat óók.

Onze maatwerkformule is gebaseerd op 4 fronten: 

  • Unieke maatwerk software 
  • Transparant in prijsstelling 
  • Slimme oplevermethodiek 
  • Oplossen complexe vraagstukken

Kies daarom voor de software van I-TeQ. Hiermee maakt u het verschil!