Mitchell Oranje

Mitchell is a member of the development team at I-TeQ. In 2015, he completed his training as a media and application developer at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam and joined I-TeQ right away. In recent years, in addition to his work as a developer, Mitchell kept on growing and advanced as a project coordinator/ project leader of various projects. In addition to being a good all-rounder within I-TeQ, Mitchell also builds links with third parties and visits customers to evaluate and improve projects. Working in a small team, the diversity in projects and the possibilities for growth within I-TeQ, is why Mitchell looks forward to going to work every day.

In his spare time, Mitchell can often be found on his motorbike, touring around. He also enjoys working on his bike. Mitchell has a passion for restoring things, including his Z├╝ndapp. When he is in the mood for a quiet day, he likes to play games on one of his game consoles or watch a good movie/series.